DNASURF Molecular diagnostics through DNA modification and interfacial engineering

Proyecto presentado por Sandra García Rey

DNASURF will establish a global network of excellence for exchange of research staff and transfer of knowledge, to provide high-level training and career advancement opportunities, focussed on interdisciplinary DNA technology with a view to development of innovative solutions for DNA molecular diagnostics. It brings together leading academic and commercial scientific groups from 3 European and 4 non-European countries who will study complementary aspects of DNA synthesis, DNA nanoarchitectures, DNA at surfaces, and DNA for biomedical devices.

DNASURF aims to transform creative scientific ideas into innovative biomedical products and services by exploiting and integrating advances in DNA synthesis, nanotechnology, interfacial engineering, and microsystems research. The pathway from basic science to commercial applications is facilitated by collaboration between academic labs and SMEs that are at the forefront of new methodologies.

The ambitious scientific objectives of DNASURF are complemented by the aim to increase cutting-edge technical knowledge and professional skills across the network through staff exchanges and training in key methods as well as commercialisation of research. A long term goal of DNASURF is to consolidate a group of collaborative young multi-disciplinary scientists that can bring about future development of disruptive technologies in the commercially important scientific field of molecular diagnostics.