Giulia Vozzolo

Giulia Vozzolo

Oraingo lanpostua / Puesto actual

PhD fellow- faculty of chemistry-Universidad del Pais Vasco, UPV-EHU

Nire Europako proiektua / Mi proyecto europeo

VITRIMAT. Investigation of diamyc covalent bonds, triggered by external stimuli, in polymer networks. A material whose network contains dynamic covalent bonds can be reprocessed, thus recycled, at milder conditions.

My main goal in the context of the European project is to develop new vitrimer-like materials that can be reprocessed at milder conditions (of pressure, temperature, etc.). while keeping good mechanical, chemical and thermal properties (es: elasticity). Thus I am investigating the introduction of dynamic covalent bonds triggered by an external stimuli, in polyurethanes, a widespread class of polymers.

Formakuntza eta ikerketa-ibilbidea/Formación académica y trayectoria investigadora

Organic chemistry. PhD in polymer chemistry.

Ikerketan aritzeko motibazioa/Mi motivación para dedicarme a la investigación

To broaden my knowledge in polymer chemistry. To study a novel and cutting-edge subject, vitrimer-like materials

Aritzen naizen taldea eta ikerketa-lerroak/Grupo y líneas de investigación que desarrollo

Catalysis and sustainable polymers. Synthesis and investingation of reprocessable and recyclable materials.

Nire ikerketa-ibilbidean aipatzen dut…/En mi trayectoria investigadora destaco…

Expected collaborations:

  • University of Mainz, Prof. Andreas Walther gruop
  • BASF-SE, Germany, Dr. A. Quell

Etorkizunari begira/Mirando al futuro

During these years of PhD I hope to aquire a robust expertise in polymers, specifically in vitrimer-like materials. I expect to understand how to develop materials that can be reprocessed, thus recycled.

In future I hope to share my aquired knowledge in order to investigate materials with both good processability and remarkable mechanical, thermal, chemical performances.